Team building and safety go hand in hand. On a hot sunny day, we all learnt to recognize and deal with fire hazards as one team. Hopefully, there will never be a fire, but a prepared team is worth double!

VdH wants to continue improving its operation for its customers and team members. The Beewrap robot pallet wrapper is a perfect match. This robot can correctly wrap the many pallet shipments anywhere in the warehouse so that the pallets and their goods can then be transported safely. And the VdH team member just had to press a button and the robot did the job. 😉

With retail orders picking up after a long closure due to Covid and another rise in the number of pallet shipments to be processed, the number of operations for reinforcing these shipments with straps is also increasing. In order to do this more efficiently and more ergonomically in particular, VdH decided to invest in an Ergopack machine. No more kneeling or searching under a pallet for the strap; the Ergopack machine makes strapping pallets a piece of cake.

Because sustainability and ecology are becoming increasingly more important, VdH has issued a charter that lists the improvements already made and the future goals. As a company, VdH wants to maintain a constant focus on improving its operations in terms of sustainability and ecology.

As a logistics service provider, everything starts with sufficient storage capacity. With that in mind, VdH is expanding to support the growth of our current activities and new future projects. We will be taking up a further 2,600 m² of storage capacity from August 2016, right across the road from our existing 4,000 m² premises. If you are short on storage capacity and are interested in our logistical services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

To ensure we can serve our customers even better, VdH has developed a new web application that provides a constant stock overview in a transparent and clear way, makes it possible to place and monitor orders and offers report overviews.

The possibilities of our web application are unlimited, so we will be able to offer even more tailor-made insights to our customers into the handling of their goods at VdH.